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Increased protein intake has been implicated in some cases of bowel cancer. On the other hand, insufficient protein intake reduces the defence of the immune system. 

Read about what you have to do.

Are you a morning or afternoon guy? Here is how to put one together for use with your body.

It is well known that some of us are "morning" types, and some are "evening" types. However, what is the factor that affects our biological clock?
Salads are not only for summer, and because they play an essential role in our table, we always seek to enrich them, moving away from the classic rustic and lettuce salad.
The salad with quinoa and green vegetables is one of our favourite vegetarian dishes for many reasons. 
Various studies and evidence now and then confirm what Hippocrates said about 2,000 years ago: "Walking is the best medicine." 

According to a study by the University of Cambridge, which involved 334,000 people, walking for just 20 minutes a day reduces the chances of premature death by a third. 
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