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Which are the best stretches after 40?

 Vasia - February, 2021
Collaborated with Lefteris Kavoukis, personal trainer, creator of Shape Fitness Program, Irini Lambrou, gymnast-dancer, Michalis Partsinevelos, physiotherapist, and Eleni Petroulaki - Ivic, personal-group trainer-trainer Power Yoga-gym organization As.

Stretching is now considered the most appropriate way to treat many ailments, from indigestion to depression.

Who would have thought that morning stretching or recovery after exercise would offer you much more than muscle relief? 

Many treatments have embraced different forms of stretching to prevent and treat health problems. 

Some are relaxing, while others are more dynamic and invigorating - but they all bring considerable benefits in addition to relief. 

We asked experts to suggest the stretches that every woman should perform after the age of fourty.
The best stretch for melancholy: Hatha yoga

Why: "Recent studies have shown that the bridge opens the chest, allowing you to breathe more freely and reversing the shallow breathing associated with depression," notes Eleni Petroulaki - Ivic, personal-group trainer-Power Yoga trainer-organization of gyms. "It has also been proven that reversals lift your spirits. 

When you are upside down, the circulation is strengthened, increasing the flow of oxygen and glucose - the cornerstones for neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine - in the brain. 

There is evidence for this: in Russian and American studies, it is concluded that yoga improved the mood of patients suffering from depression.

Try: "Down dog posture."

Rest on your palms and knees, with your toes open, lift the coccyx and stretch your knees to rest on your palms and soles and your body to form an inverted V. Feel the back of your legs stretch and let your chest stretch. 

Fall between your shoulders, keeping your waist firm, and looking towards your navel.

Take five deep breaths through your nose and pay attention to the sensation created in your body. Focusing on the breath and the senses helps you break down negative thoughts. Return to the starting position and repeat three to four times.
The best stretch for indigestion and bloating: Deep, prolonged stretches

Why: Indigestion and bloating are often caused by tension in the diaphragm, shallow breathing, and poor posture. 

"This stretching and breathing exercise relaxes and strengthens your diaphragm," emphasizes Lefteris Kavoukis, personal trainer, creator of the Shape Fitness Program, and adds: 

"Thus, massage is practiced in the digestive system and abdomen, helping to relieve tension, while stimulating the muscles to do their job and transport food debris faster to the intestine.

Try: Arc Stretch

Lie on your back with your legs straight and stretch your torso, lifting your ribs away from the pelvis (keep your shoulders and upper back on the floor) to create an arched arch.

Cross your left leg over your right and stretch your left arm over your head.
Bring your right hand over your body, resting it on the lower left side. Turn your head to your right shoulder.

Focus on your left lung and breathe through it, inhaling through your nose and gently pulling the diaphragm towards your navel.

Exhale, relaxing the diaphragm to move upwards, and stretch the left completely.

At the end of the exhale, stop and relax, letting the muscles of the middle torso "sink" towards the center of the body and along the spine.

- Maintaining the same posture, repeat the sequence three more times, and then do it from the other side.
The best stretch for tight legs: Isolated stretch
Why: "This gentle method of stretching stretches the short, tight muscles," explains Irini Lambrou, gymnast-dancer. "Muscles work in pairs - when one muscle is tight, the other needs to relax. 

For example, when the quadriceps are tight, the hind thighs are "inactive," that is, relaxed, and can be stretched and stretched safely. Each stretch is assisted by a rope and lasts only 2 seconds ".

Lay on your back. Bend the right leg and lift the left, keeping it straight, as high as you can.

Bend the left knee and put a rope around the sole, holding it by the edges.

With the knee bent at a right angle, keep the knee steady and lift the foot, stretching the leg completely. Keep your buttocks firmly on the floor. When you can no longer lift the leg, gently pull the rope to feel the hind thigh stretch. 

Hold for 2 seconds. Do not let the knee bend abruptly when stopping the stretch.
Relax and repeat 15 times. 

The best stretching for headaches: Physiotherapy
Why: Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for intense headaches characterized by persistent low-intensity pain in the forehead and upper neck.

This particular stretch relaxes the neck muscles (a tight neck often causes headaches). "It is important to focus specifically on the sub-occipital muscles in the neck, which tighten due to the forward posture of the head and are often the result of a squatting position in front of the computer," says Michalis Partsinevelos, a physiotherapist. 

This stretching, three or four times a day, prevents tension headaches.

Try: Neck extension

Place your thumbs on the apples and the other fingers around the base of the skull.

Push down with your thumbs and up with your other fingers until you feel a gentle pull. Stay like that for 30 seconds and then relax.

If you experience symptoms of dizziness or blurred vision, stop immediately. If you have a tension headache that persists for more than a week, see your doctor.

The best stretch for menstrual cramps: Pilates
Why: Rhythmic movements and concentrated breathing in Pilates relieve cramps and tension.

Try The extension of one leg.

Lie on a mattress, with your knees bent and slightly open. 

Put a folded towel under your head to stretch your neck. The pubic bone should be at the same height as the pelvic bones.

Inhale in the chest, Exhale, tightening the perineal muscles slightly, pulling them up, and the abdomen. Keep them tight always.

Inhale and then, as you exhale, hold your pelvis steady and bring your right knee to your chest. Inhale and grasp the knee with both hands, inflating the chest.

Exhale, stretching the left leg on the mattress, and then inhale, bringing the right leg inward.

Repeat the sequence five times for each leg. Do not stop when you are stretching - the movement must flow.

The best stretch to boost libido: Kundalini yoga
Why: "Circular breathing is the ideal way to increase your sexual energy," points out Eleni Petroulaki - Ivic. "If combined with pelvic lifting (see below), it opens and aligns the hips and pelvis, giving energy and vitality to the entire reproductive system," she adds. 

Any exercise that increases heart rate has been found to boost libido, and Tantra teachers have used kundalini properties for centuries to stimulate desire.

Try: Lift pelvis with circular breathing.

He lay on his back. Place your palms on the ovaries, with the thumbs resting on the navel and the index finger resting on the pubic bone, creating a diamond-shaped shape.

With long, deep breaths, imagine that you are sending your breath to your genitals. With deep, nasal breaths, transfer this energy through the spine to the top of the head, slightly contracting the base of the spine by squeezing the buttocks.

As you exhale, relax and imagine the energy flowing down to the front of your body and back to your navel. Continue this cycle for 3-5 minutes.

When ready, bend your knees and bring your feet close to your buttocks.

With your knees slightly open, rest your palms down to the side and close your eyes. Stretch your neck, keep your spine straight, and, inhaling through your nose, lift your hips.

Drop all the weight on your shoulders and soles and exhale as you lower your back to the floor.

Continue to inhale by raising the hips and exhale by lowering them for 1-3 minutes.
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