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Are you a morning or afternoon person? Find out what is the best time to exercise

 Vasia - November 25, 2020
It is well known that some of us are "morning" types, and some are "evening" types. 

However, what is the factor that affects our biological clock? This is the circadian rhythm, which among other things, determines what the best time for exercise is!

Circadian rhythm (circa = around Diem =" day), i.e., the rhythm during a day, affects our body temperature (lower in the morning than in the afternoon), blood pressure (lower at night and increases before waking up in the morning), muscles (more robust in the afternoon), hormone levels, heart rate, etc. 

A study conducted at the University of North Texas found that we can restore them based on our habits, although circadian rhythms are innate.

It has been observed that people who exercise in the morning "teach" their body to be ready for exercise in the morning, while if they exercise in the afternoon, they will have lower performance. The same goes for those who exercise in the afternoon. 

As for athletes, studies have shown that a change in training time zone negatively affects their performance.

However, what is the best time to exercise? Take a look at the pros and cons of each zone of the day (morning, afternoon) to find which time suits you best.
The pros and cons of morning exercise

The advantages:
1) Our metabolism increases from the beginning of the day, so it remains high throughout the day, helping us "burn" more calories.

2) Fat is burned faster because, during sleep, the level of muscle glycogen falls, resulting in faster depletion of its stores and the body to use fat as fuel.

3) Our body secretes endorphins from the beginning of the day, improving our mental mood, resulting in a pleasant continuation of the rest of our day.

4) It works like a cup of coffee, as it activates and tones the body from the beginning of the day, giving us energy for the rest of the day.

5) Air pollution in the morning is limited, so it is the best time to exercise outdoors.

6) Contributes to weight loss, as recent studies have shown that morning exercise reduces appetite for the rest of the day.

7) Improves the quality of sleep, helping to control hormonal balance, which helps control appetite.

The disadvantages:
1) Our body works with less energy-strength, as our muscles do not have optimal performance in the morning.

2) The chances of injury increase, as our muscles in the morning are stiffer and "cold," thus requiring longer warm-up.

3) If we exercise before eating breakfast, it is possible for muscle fatigue to occur more quickly.

4) If we are not morning types, it will not be easy to make our morning exercise habit.

The pros and cons of afternoon exercise

The advantages:
1) Increased performance, because our body temperature is ideal and the muscles have the maximum strength

2) Injuries are prevented, as the muscles are "warm."

3) Removes the stress that has accumulated during the day.

4) Our performance improves, as our circadian rhythms are at an ideal stage.

5) Increases muscle mass and strength. Research reveals that 3-7 pm is the most efficient.

6) According to research, in most people, the body temperature and hormone levels are at adequate exercise levels around 6 pm.

The disadvantages:
1) Research shows that the lungs' function is difficult at noon, resulting in a decrease in aerobic capacity.

2) Gyms usually have a crowd of about 5-6 pm, making it difficult to train in terms of time.

3) If the exercise is done late in the afternoon to evening, it "wakes up" our body resulting in sleep problems, as well as the metabolism, falls during sleep, so it does not have the benefits of increased metabolism after exercise (Afterburn ).

After all of the above, scientists conclude that morning exercise offers more benefits to our body, but our advice is exercise and let it be any time of the day! 

Remember that exercise is any physical activity that increases our heart rate for at least 10 minutes at a time. 

Thank you for reading,
Vasiliki P.
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